Best Body Oil For Dry Skin During The Winter Seasons

Wintertime can be an agonizing spell for you if you are genetically wired to have dry skin. Naturally, it may respond to the external changes by losing its suppleness and getting quite itchy.

This is why you have to look around the cosmetic shops for the right body oil that offers both comfort and beauty all through.

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Here is a short list of the most preferred options:

Organic Castor Oil

This product is widely recognized as one of the safest body oils on the market. Its ever-growing fame partly attests to its enrichment with the important vitamins and fatty-acids that you need to stay young during winter. The manufacturers information confirms that all the ingredients are purely natural and organic.

If you are keenly conscious about safety, you should find great reassurance from the fact that the product is derived from real caster oil from the organic farmers of India. There are no artificial additives and you can share the oil in your household since it works equally well for other skin types and hair.

CeraVe Moisturizers-Moisturizing Cream

You need this moisturizing cream in winter to manage your dry skin because it has proven restorative effectiveness. The cream was made to moisturize and maintain your skin and make it look suppler for longer during winter. Besides, this cream has the unique power of enhancing the protective natural function of your skin.

Many people with dry skin prefer this product because it contains special ceramides, which your body needs remain soft. The makers ensured that it works perfectly by making it last for an entire day with a single application. The same advantage should convince you about its overall cost-effectiveness.

Aveeno Daily – Moisturizing Lotion

If the word of the manufacturers and many reviewers is to go by, this product has the remarkable magic of improving your skin in just a day. In fact, the makers of the lotion confirm that it was clinically proven to have profound positive effects on dry skin. Next time winter comes around, think of this lotion as your ideal safeguard.

Aveeno ranks high because it has been roundly recommended by various dermatologists. If you are allergic or uncomfortable with certain fragrances, you should rest assured in the knowledge that this product is fragrance-free. This also means that you shall not be a nuisance to others in the office, classroom, or elsewhere.

Now Solutions Castor Oil

Regular users of this oil are fond of the fact that it is all made of absolutely natural ingredients. If your concern is effectiveness, you should be convinced of its unique therapeutic strengths that promote faster healing of the skin. You are bound to drop your regular skin oil because of this product’s odorless appeal.

This is a single product that is sure to work quite fine on your skin and hair. Its growing appeal across many demographics is widely acknowledged as a confirmation of its great quality. This product is not known to cause any irritants among regular users. You need to use it regularly for the best results.

What to Look for in an ideal product:

  • Fast absorbing formula
  • Enhanced hydration
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Developed by dermatologists
  • Non-irritating
  • Has lasting results


The vagaries of winter can get unfairly harsh for people with dry skins. It helps to invest a few dollars in some of the most effective solutions that will keep your skin feeling soft throughout the season. The long list of options carries names like Organic Castor Oil, CeraVe Moisturizers, Aveeno Daily, and Now Solutions.

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